Wiping Out Prostitution In Thailand

Police Spokesman Pol Lt Gen Prawut Thawornsiri said they were a great number of entertainment venues, such as night clubs, karaoke bars and restaurants, involved in prostitution and human trafficking. The national police chief therefore ordered all police units to enforce all related laws against the crime, especially child prostitution.

Those who recommitted prostitution and human trafficking would face stronger charges and police officials who did not take the crime seriously were subject to investigation, the spokesman added.


What do you make of that? We all know that many of the prostitution rackets are run by the police and authorities themselves. Some folks say that there is infighting within the ranks. Some suspect that the enforcement against prostitution only applies to nightclubs not under “police protection”.

While there has to be some operators of these businesses of disrepute who are not in the generals’ good books, I believe this has more to do with the military government trying to project an image of morality in the public eye as it prosecutes Yingluck and other politicians associated with Thaksin. The army claims neutrality, but strip off the soldiers’ uniforms and you’ll see a yellow shirt. Once their opponents are successfully disposed of, I can bet my last baht that the bars and nightclubs will reopen.

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