Why The Trashy Guys Get Lucky

The other day, I read an interesting piece of news published on Shin Min Daily. It reported that a 70+year-old man with a string of criminal offences, having been in and out of jail many times since 1975, has offended again.

In his latest crime, he broke into his ex-girlfriend’s home twice and stole more than $25,000. Charged in court, he was sentenced to seven years of preventive imprisonment. He would have spent a total of 26 years of his life in prison.

According to court documents, Lin Yaojing, 74, faced a total of seven charges including burglary, deceit, breach of trust and theft. He admitted to three of them while the rest were taken into consideration when the judge handed down the sentence. The prosecutor mentioned in the court that the defendant had committed crimes frequently since 1975. This time he committed the crime again soon after he was released from prison. The victim was his ex-girlfriend.

I remarked in the comments section: 这样还会有女友。天理何在?

About 20 years ago, there was a very popular acronym – SNAG which stands for Sensitive New Age Guy. That concept had many of my unmarried male friends worried. Brought up as nerdy schoolboys, they had no idea how to behave or what to say when the girl they were courting frowned, sneered or turned away. Was it something they said? What should they say to redeem themselves?

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So how do you train a SNAG? Make them do household chores? Make them play with dolls and kitchenware when they are kids? As there is no bible for it, female experts came up with their revolutionary, untested methods. This shift in the image of the “ideal” male and the eye-popping methods that some clueless, guru-following parents used could have created a monstrously warped creature which yours truly, not being a fan of K pop, can sometimes find it difficult to identify as male or female. The LGBT radical left wing in the West have been just as guilty, insisting that a person’s gender identity is not always the same as their biological sex, nor their assumed gender based on their assigned sex. It depends on how they identify as a person, and this can change over time. People can identify as more masculine, more feminine, a combination of both, or neither. This is a topic for another day.

Women who supported the concept of the SNAG or even male feminists may not admit it, but while SNAG is not necessarily something bad, not all women who demand it are reasonable. Neither are they always clear about what they really want. The result was of course confusion and frustration. Marriages go down, divorces go up and men are to blame because they can’t catch up with changing times. Meanwhile, the serial criminal we saw above had a girlfriend while many of my SNAG friends are still single in their 40s and 50s. 男人不坏女人不爱 does ring true sometimes.

For the fans of SNAGs, the video below is a slap on the face. While I don’t completely agree with this extreme self-centered alpha male approach, there is definitely some truth in all this.


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