NEW Book: Western Sichuan

Western Sichuan

Sichuan Province in China is an enigmatic place with contrasting landscapes and colourful minority ethnic groups. From the fertile, luxuriant lowlands in east to the arid, frigid Tibetan plateau in the west, Sichuan is indeed Tianfu (heavenly home) regardless of which way you look at it and which part of Sichuan you find yourself.

In this rather unique travelogue, Singaporean adventurer Chan Joon Yee brings his 11-year-old son on the little one’s most challenging trip yet – from arduous, day-long bus journeys over 5000m passes to an earthquake in the love song city of Kangding. Read about some of the author’s tips, his insights, his breathless and poetic moments. Be inspired to try the same yourself – with a kid in tow.

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