Waking To A Nightmare

PATTAYA: — In the early hours of Saturday a 46 year old Australian Teacher reported a drugging and robbery which occurred following an encounter with two Thai women outside of a South Pattaya shopping mall.

Mr. Mario Sista reported to Pattaya Police that he was walking past the Avenue Shopping Complex on Pattaya Second Road when he met the two women who suggested they accompany him to his hotel room. Mr. Sista accepted the offer but first invited the two women to a nearby Pizza Shop where they ate and drank beer.

During the meal, Mr. Sista left the table and used the toilet. It is during this time that he suspects his Beer was laced with sleeping medication. He began to feel drowsy and was assisted to a motorbike taxi who took all three people to his hotel in the Naklua area.


Yes, he’s a school teacher and yes, such offers are very common. The two girls must have made it sound like they were a couple of “ordinary” girls looking for some fun and excitement – in which case a nice meal and enough drinks would have been sufficient compensation. The fact that this apparently intelligent Farang (a teacher) fell for it shows that he might have gotten lucky before.

Pity this guy when he gets back to work.

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