Snakes & Tattoos

Born to well-to-do parents in Singapore, Australia girl Lauren lived like a princess, had good grades and everything that a girl could ask for. Then, family issues cropped up and to seal her fate, she was raped by someone close to the family.

Lauren’s life took a downward spiral into depression, self-injury and sexual confusion. Where therapy had failed, tattoos seemed to have worked. She began to ink her body, found new friends and a new lease of life. So fond of tattoos was she that she studied and wrote a thesis on it.

Destined never to work in an office, Lauren is now a model and a performer, working with fire and snakes. With so many tattoos on her body, what stories does she have to tell us? Check it out in our book, Leaving The Pain Behind.

Below is a video documenting Lauren’s tattooing session with renowned local artist Elson Yeo.

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