The Old & New Sek Loso

Legendary Thai rock singer Sek Loso is coming full circle with a song that follows the same theme as that when he was first starting out. He has been through numerous ups and downs and so has his career. He was addicted to drugs, jailed, divorced etc.

Interestingly, this new song lets us see the old Loso. The lyrics can be summarised:

“I will go forward, leave the past behind. I won’t cry, won’t beg you even if it hurts me till I die.”

Below are two of my favourite Loso songs when Thailand was my second home in the 1980s-1990s. They were also very popular at KTVs. The “old” (young) Loso completely captured the hearts of the lovelorn. His voice has changed a lot since then but that piteous, haggard image won him hordes of fans. He was Thailand’s Wang Jie.

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