The Long Wait 漫長的等待 1983

漫長的等待 by Tracy Huang

Out of the blue today (or perhaps it had something to do with the recent copyright tussle), I was reminded of this song 漫長的等待 by Tracy Huang. For my younger readers, it’s a oldie that dates back to the year 1983 when I was a 19-year-old army boy.

You may find it strange how macho young men could identify with such a “feminine” song like 漫長的等待. The answer is simple. The song springs from the heart of a woman in love. It’s something that we would be overjoyed to discover if we could somehow take a peek into the heart of the seemingly indifferent person we fancy. Sadly, for most of us who were 19 and without any “market value”, the indifference was real. We were often the ones doing all the fruitless waiting.

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