The Legendary Ni Kuang

At a public conference, university students studying literature once asked Ni Kuang for advice on writing. He said that if one needs to ask that question, then he shouldn’t be a writer. A writer would be at home writing instead of trying to learn how to write. Ni Kuang did not even finish secondary school. If writing can be taught, why should university students be consulting him?

A rebel by nature, fate had it that Ni Kuang was a public security officer in charge of re-education camps. He questioned the preposterous workings of the system which put innocent land owners to death. It was actually the equivalent of a genocide targeted at a social class.

Party cadres earned no respect from him and it didn’t take long before they offended them and got himself into trouble. Acting on a tip off, he hit the road as a fugitive, ending up in HK.

A Christian now, Ni Kuang believed in the spirit world. In the second video, he describes his close encounters with spirits in China. He compares it with TV signals which are invisible to the naked eye, but when you have a TV set, you can see the images and receive the messages.

Ni Kuang had firsthand experience with horrible deaths – which provided him with plenty of inspiration for his novels.

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