The Legendary 周传雄(小刚)

Mention the name 周传雄 and the song 黄昏 would almost certainly come to mind. This is indeed his most well-known song- a lovely piece that touched many hearts. Not that many people know that he was already a very popular and successful singer/songwriter in the early 1990s. At the height of his career, he suddenly disappeared. The paparazzi showed photos of a shockingly emaciated 周传雄. Many speculated that he had cancer.

He later revealed that he had a bad reaction to helicobacter pylori infection. After recovering from his illness, he tried to return to the music scene, only to be sidelined to street performances. He wondered where his fans had all gone.

Desperate, 周传雄 went to join a talent show 天赐的声音 (Gifted Voice) organised by Zhejiang TV in mainland China. 2 years ago, he was ruthlessly humiliated by former K-pop group singer 孟美岐. Meng was one of the judges on the show and she was only 22 then. It was like some newbie golfer telling Tiger Woods that he’s not good enough. Fortunately, there were still many reasonable people in China.


They mocked Meng Mei Qi until she had to step down as a judge on the show. Even more fortunately, 周传雄 was undeterred. He went on to hold concerts in China and teared up when he realised that his fans had not forgotten about him. It was a resounding success for 周传雄.

In the video, it’s said that the only people who doubted 周传雄 were 孟美岐 and 小刚. Well, 小刚 is actually the stage name for 周传雄 himself when he first started his singing career. He used his real name when he worked behind the scenes. When he tried to make a comeback, he doubted himself. The success from his recent concerts should prove to him that his fans are still around.

I don’t know why many YouTubers say that Hasayaki was 周传雄’s first album. He had many songs before that. Going back to the the 1990s, this was one of my favourite KTV songs by 小刚. It’s called 我也许是个笑话. You can see what the young 周传雄 looked and sounded like.

I don’t like every sing song by him, but below a few that I do enjoy listening to. I bought this CD, but can’t find it now. Nice songs. Enjoy.

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