Spellbound In Chiangmai

Thailand – a land of ornate temples, vibrant markets, beautiful beaches, friendly smiles, sumptuous food and a mythical charm. Just a couple of steps beyond the realm of tourism, into what seems like the real Thailand, is a surprisingly little-known place brimming with love, peace, joy and friendship. Many sheltered and simple-minded Singaporeans regret not discovering this paradise earlier in life.

Chiangmai is the Rose of the North, a land blessed with mild weather, majestic mountains and gentle people. Stumble on the charming beat of life in Chiangmai and you think you have found paradise. You think you have fallen in love. Or have you simply fallen under a spell?

Spellbound in Chiangmai is a collection of 9 short stories featuring naive and sheltered Singaporeans inextricably drawn to a foreign culture that’s nothing like theirs. When they come to their senses, they explain their obvious folly with exotic tales of spells and black magic. Were they really under the influence of some supernatural power, or have they just been foolish?

Charles is infatuated with Thailand. When he sees anyone sharing bad experiences on the internet, he calls them losers. Until he gets a bad experience himself ….

School teacher Miss Julia may have her share of grey hairs, but she’s proud of a body that arouses her male students. Then, her husband strays, going for a Thai girl who is not half as attractive as she is. She believes her rival uses black magic…

T-shirt, jeans, guitar, a beautiful face and a sweet voice. What more could an innocent Singaporean army officer ask for? Lieutenant Albert luxuriates in the sweet melody of a beautiful foreign love song, until money starts talking…

A former journalist from the strait-laced republic discovers to his surprise that he can make a living writing emails and creating blogs for Thai girls with foreign boyfriends. Until karma catches up with him…

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