Romance In The 70s

While I was on having a holiday with my kids in Malacca and waiting for the river cruise, I overheard an old man talking to his friend.

“In the past, we didn’t have many places to go to when we went on dates. Now, they have cleaned up the river, built footpaths, installed lights and placed benches on the riverbank. It would have been wonderful if we had all these back then. Now, we’re old and the youngsters only go to shopping malls.”

Such a pity. I believe many people have such regrets. When they had the energy and opportunity, they didn’t have the time or money. When they have the time and money, they don’t have the energy or opportunity. Some have spent the greater part of their youth on the paper chase or careers that required total commitment. They missed the chance to be wild, virile and silly – even if there had been clean rivers and park benches around back then.

What was romance like in the 1970s? Let me help this Malaccan uncle relive those moments…. watching the sunrise or the sunset by the beach… running on the sand and kicking the waves in slow motion… holding hands while scrambling up rocks… accidentally embracing or kissing… mesmerising each other with long stares. Yes, this is the stuff of romance in the 1970s. Let’s have Chelsea Chan and Liu Wen Zheng to help us visualise.

Above is Chelsea Chan’s version. The unusual thing about this movie is that both the lead actors were singers. That’s why Liu Wen Zheng had a go at the theme song too.

Many youngsters would find these videos puerile, but they capture the mood and spirit of a long-gone era. When the older fogies look back, they will certainly bring back sweet memories or fantasies of how things that could have or should have turned out.

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