Understanding Thailand’s Money Culture

Thailand is known for it’s wonderful beaches, great food and fantastic shopping. Almost everything here is half the price compared to the relatively affluent foreigner’s home. A few crooks and some well-known scams notwithstanding, Thailand is a safe and wonderful place to indulge.

Adventurous visitors who have gone off the beaten track to see the real Thailand are likely to be fascinated with friendly, caring and generous people. They end up staying for months or even years. They almost invariably form close relationships with the locals. What happens after that is quite mind boggling. Why do so many of them come home broke and bitter? Have they taken their first impressions and wonderful experiences in Thailand a bit too seriously? Have they misread the signs of Thailand’s money culture?

In this book, Singaporean author Chan Joon Yee draws on his 30-years’ experience in the Land of Smiles to give some insights into how typical and traditional Thai people view the enamored foreigner and how the enamored foreigner may send out all the wrong signals, resulting in misunderstandings, entrapment and financial embarrassment.

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