Leaving The Pain Behind



These are true stories of Singaporeans or residents whose tattoos changed their lives.

A young man lives a life of wanton sex, violence and debauchery. He causes so much trouble that his parents give up on him. Then, on a trip to a Thai temple, the discovery of meditation and temple tattoos change his life…

She is a little girl from a privileged family, living like a princess until she is raped by someone she trusts. She battles with depression and alcoholism until she begins to tattoo herself …

John’s legs and back are heavily tattooed. He needs to hide them from his clients as not many people trust inked lawyers…

Athena is a student from a top school in Singapore. She falls in love with a Thai boy from ITE. She tattoos the Thai words “jao ying” on the nape of her neck. She wants him to see the words every time he is rowing the dragon boat behind her and treat her like a princess …

Singapore’s veteran DJ Chris Ho is an outspoken rebel. He shares his past, his pain and his body art with us in this richly-illustrated book.

Me by chun (150x200)

Self-mutilation, self-expression or memento. Sometimes, there are stories behind the seemingly frivolous body art. Tattoos do hurt, but to some, it’s not just the beauty or the intimidating appearance they’re after. It is a form of expression for a much deeper hurt. In the most challenging project since his return to the publishing industry, author Chan Joon Yee dares to go beneath the epidermis to explore some of the hidden tales under the skin of strait-laced and judgmental Singapore.

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