Making Sense Of The Three Kingdoms

Making Sense of The Three Kingdoms by Chan Joon Yee, unscrambling the final days of the Eastern Han Dynasty

Making Sense of the Three Kingdoms

The Three Kingdoms is a tumultuous period in Chinese history when warlords battled one another to rule all under the heavens. Many Chinese fables and legends were made during this time, revealing the complex, multi-dimensional characteristics of the Chinese race. There are as many modern versions of the Three Kingdoms as there are ancient texts. However, those which are easy to read or watch on screen are often lacking in depth and detail. Others are meaningful but fiendishly difficult to read. Much more than just a translation, this book is written in modern English, balancing depth with easy reading. For those new to the Three Kingdoms, it offers an introduction with just the right dose of detail. For those already familiar with the Three Kingdoms, it may offer a deeper understanding or sense of realism on this epic saga.

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