Looks Like Nothing Changed

Our love wasn’t strong enough to conquer the opposite directions we took. You pursued your dreams in the corporate world. I renounced a world of riches and frolicked in the arms of Mother Nature.

It has been years. I know you have fulfilled your dreams. Success sparkles in your eyes but loneliness discolours your cheeks. You look languidly at my images captured in the worthless wilds; my clothes bearing the signature of the earth, my hair fluttering in the untamed wind. You no longer deride my choice of poverty over wealth. You have learned to admire my passion with fake interest.

I have not changed. My heart is still with the hills and fields. And I know that nothing has changed for you either – except that you don’t want to be alone. And that is all. Yes, nothing has changed and just like years ago, we should still go on separate ways.

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