Getting Even With Guns

Three university students were shot this morning in front of a bar on Kaset-Nawamin Road in Chatuchak district after they exchanged numbers with women at another table. Three students, all 21, from Kasetsart, Bangkok and Ramkhamhaeng universities said when they stepped out of the App-Radkaset bar, a pickup truck stopped in front of them, and a man in the back fired four to five bullets at them before escaping.

The three students each caught a bullet, but were not seriously wounded. They hailed a cab and admitted themselves to Vibhavadi Hospital. Weerawit Mageen, one of the students, told the police they were drinking at the bar before the incident and flirted with women at a nearby table. It was believed that the man who shot the students was with the women they flirted with in the bar. Investigations are ongoing.

You don’t want to embarrass a Thai, especially one who has a gun.


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