Dong Jie Before & After

A relatively low budget movie by legendary director Zhang Yimou and newcomer Dong Jie 董洁 who played a blind Cinderella sort of character. Before I begin, the scene captured in the thumbnail is just a click bait. It was taken from a censored segment in the original movie. You won’t find it in the review. Nevertheless, I think it’s a touching, heartwarming movie. Do watch the excellent review below.

You have just seen Dong Jie playing an innocent blind girl in a movie. What about Dong Jie as herself. In her 40s now, Dong Jie went through numerous ups and downs in both her career and her personal life. I don’t think we should judge her, but suffice to say that acting is an art of pretending. The character played by someone onscreen, no matter how convincing, doesn’t tell us anything about the actor in real life.

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