Danny Chan Pak Keung 陳百強

Danny Chan Pak Keung was a Hong Kong singer/musician. At a time when piracy and the copying of Western and Japanese tunes were rife in Hong Kong, Danny wrote original pieces, making him a unique icon of Cantonese pop music (Cantopop) in the 1980s. Compared with other superstars of the same period in the 1980s, Danny’s singing career was the shortest, but his many of his songs have become classics.

Danny Chan reached the peak of his career in between 1979 and 1985. He released the most hits during this period and also played teen idol roles in movies with Leslie Cheung. After a brief two-year hiatus, he made a comeback from 1986 to 1989. I’m not a fan of his, but my favourite during this period is 偏偏喜歡你 (1983). After this period, Danny began to fade behind the scenes. He held a few concerts and recorded another one of my favourites 一生何求 (1989).

Many people who have been in contact with Danny Chan agreed that he was a sentimental person who was often melancholic. He did not hide his depression and chronic insomnia. Danny had sought medical treatment for his emotional distress and sought spiritual comfort by reading Buddhist scriptures.

His colleagues and close associates all knew that he was a victim of depression. On 18 May 1992, Danny Chan went into a coma after a drinking session with his friends. He remained in that condition in hospital until he passed away on 25 October1993.

Compared to most other HK singers with his level of achievement, Danny Chan had the shortest career which abruptly ended at age 35. Fortunately or unfortunately, he was a dewdrop that vaporised and became immortalised at a glorious moment.


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