Crab Trap

Once upon a time, there was hunter who lost his way and found himself at a fishing village where he met a boy trying to catch some crabs for dinner. He saw the boy attach some fish to the bottom of a basket. He then placed the basket under a rock at the beach.

The hunter laughed at the boy.


“What kind of a trap is that? The path of entry is as wide as the path of escape. You’ll never catch crabs this way.”

The boy ignored the hunter. He waited patiently and before long, a few crabs crawled into the basket. The boy picked up the basket. The crabs didn’t fall out. The hunter was shocked. The crabs had held on to the fish with their pincers and even as the boy picked up the basket, they did not let go and escape.

The hunter learned an important lesson that day. Of all our possessions, there is nothing more valuable than our lives. Yet many people behave just like the carbs who were caught by the boy. They are so attached to something they treasure that they have forgotten to value their own lives.

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