Buying Direct From The Publisher


At the rate property prices are rising and the reading habit is falling, bookshops may soon go the way of CD shops. Actually, a lot of what you pay for in a book goes to distribution and the use of precious retail space. The books that you see on display at bookshops are all on consignment. They are brought there by the distributor who in turn buys from the publisher at 60-70% discount!


If the publisher sells the book for $10, he is only getting $3 for every copy sold – if it gets sold. If not, the book will be returned to the publisher. The bookshops which operate the showcase so to speak, usually get the biggest share of the profit. Even then, they may not make it because they have to pay for rental, workers and utilities.


For people who still read, doesn’t it make more sense to buy direct from publishers? We can then price our books lower, send out autographed copies and benefit everybody. Look out for our Paypal buttons and buy a book direct from us today.

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