Burning All Bridges With Heart of Glass

Malaysian pop musician cum filmmaker Namewee has done it again. He first burst onto the music scene with his controversial YouTube MV Negara Kuku and now he has launched an even more controversial MV (likely to hurt the feelings of 1.4 billion people as some would say) that pokes fun at China’s modern Red Guards – “little pinky” (小粉红)。These youngsters (mostly) are the Chinese nationalistic equivalent of radical Western woke mobs. Heart of Glass 玻璃心 is often used to describe their hypersensitive, intolerant behaviour, cancelling anyone who dares say one negative thing about China.

The response was swift. His Chinese social media accounts were all shut down and his works have been banned in China. Still, his video has nearly 5.5 million views at this time of writing. With Heart of Glass, Namewee is effectively burning all bridges with China – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing at this point in time. Cultural Revolution 2.0 (a more sedate version of Mao’s original) has been launched and folks in the entertainment industry (or for that matter any industry) should stand clear and wait for the dust to settle.

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