Beware Of Caring Women?

One group of men doodled a lot of nonsense after being left alone in an uninspiring room. Another group of men “inspired” by an attractive lady while waiting to show off their doodling skills performed a lot better. Any logical person can tell you that the experiment is flawed. Did the researcher make sure that all the men selected had the same standard of doodling to begin with? If they had picked me for the second group (and frankly, I’d rather be in the second group), I would have produced kindergarten drawings all the same.

Similarly, one group of women were tested for helpfulness when there was no man in the room. They turned out to be not very helpful. Then, another group of women was tested – this time with a couple of handsome, flirty guys in the room to chat them up. They helped the woman get her things into her car. What does that prove? Is that proof conclusive? I’m amazed that “experiments” like these are conducted for Discovery Channel. It’s all pretty much drama and not science.

The only objective observations were those measuring arousal and picturing it on the MRIs. Machines don’t lie. But how do people react when they are physically, sexually aroused? I can’t claim to be an expert, but it only takes someone with common sense and some life experience to realise that regardless of whether people are in love or in lust, they do irrational things like spending $1000 on roses and cleaning out bank accounts to pay for a wedding.

I have a feeling that women who attempt to keep their men from straying by telling them love stories are not going to be very successful. You don’t need a degree in psychology to know that men and women will go all out to impress. Men can also pretend to be caring and women will definitely put their best foot forward. When reality sets in, either responsibility takes over or the relationship is over.

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