AI – Brave New World

Evolution does not create perfect beings. A manmade device may end up more intelligent than its maker. The scariest part? Fake news generators complete with realistic video footage and digitally cloned voices. Autonomous robot soldiers that can act even more independently than snipers and commandos. Courts that pass judgement without showing compassion. Scam bots.

“I can’t see a path that guarantees safety.”

When AI is married with quantum computing, all hell breaks loose. On the brighter side, NASA can make use of this new power to discover earth-like planets. Quantum computing can calculate the habitable zone of any planet from its star. Ordinary users like you can me can also tap into powerful quantum computing through cloud computing. We are on the verge of a major revolution. When machines finally surpass humans in thinking and calculation and robots could take over function and execution, what will happen to the human race? How will we earn a living? Technology will render the bulk of the human race, the average joes, irrelevant.

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