The Sound Of Falling Snow

The are many different versions of this song. Taiwanese social media star Ariel Tsai’s version has a slightly different beat from the original version. This refreshing arrangement gives a lively touch to this otherwise melancholic song.

Now check out the original version with images from the story for which the song has been written. Singer Lu Hu sings with deep passion, lamenting an ill-fated relationship. Reference to snow adds a layer to the coldness of life in the palace. Compared to Ariel Tsai’s version, Lu Hu’s style certainly suits the drama and the setting of the story better.

Finally, the video with the most views – JJ Lin’s version of The Sound Of Falling Snow. His R&B style is not really my cup of tea (the song doesn’t sound Chinese anymore), but obviously, it works in China.

And finally, we have veteran Taiwanese singer Fei Yu Qing on stage with the two main actors from the TV series. I’m not a big fan of Fei Yu Qing, but in his 60s now, his voice is superb. Not only that, he doesn’t look much older than the actors who are young enough to be his children!

Even more pleasantly surprising is Nie Yuan’s singing is not bad. The change in key was subtle and the final harmony (even though they had different vocal ranges) was brilliantly coordinated. Oh, what did Wu Jin Yan do to her nose? So unnatural and it’s affecting her voice.

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