Thai Beauty Queen Busted For Drugs

Following complaints of loud noise, Wang Thonglang district police raided an unidentified motel room on Praditmanutham Road at 4am on Sunday and busted 11 people for the possession of ketamine. Among those busted, was a celebrity – Punika “Polly” Kulsoontornrut, second runner-up of the international Miss Earth 2013 contest. She was again 2nd runner up at the Miss International 2014 pageant.

Miss International 2014 Punika Kulsoontornrut Polly  #Bangkok #Thailand #beautiful #pageant #beautyqueen #siamparagon

Polly isn’t the first beauty to fall into the K-hole of suspicion. In 2013 Miss Maxim beauty contestant Kwanjai “Roxy Maxim” Khempradab was caught on video teaching a 3-year-old boy to smoke the drug famously used as an animal tranquilizer. Despite widespread public outrage, Kwanjai was let off the hook.

This is Thailand!

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