Three Kingdoms Part 1


The final days of the ailing Han Dynasty of China saw a rebellion from the Yellow Turban army. The concept of zhu hou or regional governors also spawned a plethora of warlords and regional strongmen struggling for absolute power and total control. This tumultuous era is known as the period of the Three Kingdoms.

You may have heard about Luo Guan Zhong’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms or watched movies based on this classic which is part history and part fiction. You may have also tried reading the original work. Chances are, you gave up after a couple of chapters. The subplots are too complex, not to mention the dizzying numbers of names, events and characters.

In his version of Three Kingdoms, Chan Joon Yee put in great effort to write a unique and vastly more readable version of this monumental saga. This book and others in the series will give you valuable insights into the plots, tricks, battles, palace drama and colourful characters that lived during this chaotic period in China’s history.

Book One begins with the Yellow Turban Rebellion, the death of the Emperor, the palace massacre and the rise of Dong Zhuo. It ends with the killing of Dong Zhuo.

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