Month: January 2019

Are You Cassandra?

We Chinese like to give auspicious and aspirational names to our children. Wealth, prosperity and cleverness, virtuousness, trustworthiness are all acceptable. Few if any Chinese people would name their children after ill-fated characters in history or mythology. Westerners do not seem to have the same issues even though I’ve not come across anyone named Macbeth […]


Love Under Stress

Real life is seldom so dramatic, straightforward and convenient, even though I’ve ever overhead a woman say “Why bother to marry someone who’s not richer than you?”. How often are couples tested on their wedding? How often is the one who truly cares about you just standing next to you? If failure reveals the truth […]


The Catcher

This is one job that I can consider in my retirement. It’s pretty secure as robots will never replace humans here. Dewdrop Books – Fiction and non-fiction with a focus on the colourful and exotic Asian realm. Check out our titles.


Singapore Love Story

Here’s a commendable effort by a group of young Singaporeans. It’s a short film, a sugary romance featuring young, innocent youngsters. Cupcakes? The confrontational scene is a bit unconvincing. Is someone like Jessie likely to do something like this? There’s quite a bit of acting involved. It’s not easy. Considering the fact that they are […]


The Story Behind The Song

They say that every novel is some form of autobiography. You can’t be a great writer if your life has always been a bed of roses. If you don’t hurt, you can’t write. I guess it’s the same with musicians or for that matter, any artist. Joie Tan is a young Singaporean musician and she […]