Month: August 2018

Lonely In The Desert

Here is another very good but not very popular song. Sadly beautiful, it was written by Taiwanese songwriter 周传雄, beautifully sung here by China singer 孙露. It’s a song about love, loss and loneliness. The lyricist employed the poetic image of a desert to illustrate the feelings of the protagonist. Loss is always painful, but […]


The Most Beautiful Love Stories

How often we leave things on the back-burner due to a lack of courage and/or motivation. But a disappointed traveller in China once said to me, 不去会遗憾终生,去了又终身遗憾. To not go for it and regret the missed opportunity or to go for it and be disappointed with the results. If you were to procrastinate, you might […]


醉相思 by 湯茜

This is a rare China-produced song that has universal appeal. The lyrics are simple, but the melody is haunting and goes very well with the emotions being expressed. When something we want has left us, the yearning cuts and burns, delivering pain and melancholy. The natural thing to do is to get oneself drunk, but […]