Month: March 2018

Dirty Secrets of Emperor Sui Yang Di 隋炀帝Dirty Secrets of Emperor Sui Yang Di 隋炀帝

Founded by the Yang family in 581 AD, the Sui Dynasty briefly united China under Han Chinese rule – that was after a long period of fragmentation and domination by various minorities. The first emperor, Yang Jian or Sui Wen Di 隋文帝 and was widely described as relatively monogamous, workaholic and a controlling micro-manager. He […]


Evil Schemes and Dirty Secrets of Tang Emperors 2Evil Schemes and Dirty Secrets of Tang Emperors 2

Emperor Tang Xuan Zong 唐玄宗 was beaming with pride as the last bricks at Xing Qing Palace were laid. Just before he moved in, he decided to consult his geomancer for an auspicious date to move into his new palace. After surveying the palace, the geomancer shook his head. “What is wrong, master?” Emperor Tang […]


Remembering Li Ao 李敖Remembering Li Ao 李敖

25 April 1935 – 18 March 2018 Branded as an intellectual narcissist and exhibitionist by his rivals and even his admirers, recently deceased Taiwanese writer Li Ao 李敖embraced controversy almost like no other writer in the world. Able to send out lawyer’s letters at the drop of a hat, Li Ao was incredibly eloquent, knowledgeable, […]