Month: November 2016

Murdered Maid

Hong Kong is a former British colony where many of its citizens enjoy a certain degree of Democracy. In recent years, the rapid influx of mainlanders and various directives passed down by Beijing resulted in resentment and waves of protests. Ironically, human rights and transparency were sometimes even less respected under British rule. The day […]


A Reluctant Killer?

For those who enjoyed reading Deadly Diamond, here’s another crime story which may interest you. It was 18th September 1995. A Chan family in Hong Kong lodged a missing person’s report. The missing individual was May Chan Mei Yi, a 26-year-old woman working for a telco. May was the youngest in a family of 5. […]


Romance In The 70s

While I was on having a holiday with my kids in Malacca and waiting for the river cruise, I overheard an old man talking to his friend. “In the past, we didn’t have many places to go to when we went on dates. Now, they have cleaned up the river, built footpaths, installed lights and […]


Deadly Diamond

3 April 2002 It was late at night. Mr Wan brought his son to visit his sister-in-law Ms Yuen Soon Ying at her apartment. A day earlier, she had tried to contact his wife (her sister) but it so happened that Mrs Wan was hospitalised then. Detecting some uneasiness in her voice, he decided to […]