Month: May 2015

An Old Love SongAn Old Love Song

Years after you’ve settled down to a lustreless routine, you suddenly found out that somebody cried on your wedding night. How would you feel if not even in your wildest dreams could you imagine that this old friend had been secretly admiring you? What if decades later, when all your youthful fervour has burned out […]


Kicking The Japanese AssKicking The Japanese Ass

The Chinese are fond of making war movies and that’s mainly because the audience loves it. I can understand such emotions during Bruce Lee’s days. The Chinese felt defeated and bullied everywhere they went. There was a strong desire for poetic justice in the virtual world. That’s why Chinese martial arts actors from Bruce Lee […]


Late Night ATMLate Night ATM

3.00am. I can’t sleep on debt Or an upset stomach. So I set off Towards the nearest ATM Under an imperfect slice Of a brilliant moon. No more buses or trains. The traffic flows smoothly now Like thinned blood On a weak pulse And a weaker assumption That no one would cross At this witching […]