Month: December 2014

Exposing An AngelExposing An Angel

There are several ways to generate buzz and gain fame or notoriety on social media. Some insult famous people. Some change the lyrics of their national anthem. Some show off their bare bottoms and genitals in sex blogs. Some perform death-defying stunts. Some stir the hornet’s nest with the stick of controversy and some engage […]


Promises vs ContractsPromises vs Contracts

I’ve not heard this song for 20 years. Thanks to YouTube, I’m able to relive some wonderful moments from the past, especially in an age obsessed with rising prices, standards and expectations. It feels like a dream – those days when promises were as good as contracts and when people honoured unconditional love. Today’s love […]


Waking To A NightmareWaking To A Nightmare

PATTAYA: — In the early hours of Saturday a 46 year old Australian Teacher reported a drugging and robbery which occurred following an encounter with two Thai women outside of a South Pattaya shopping mall. Mr. Mario Sista reported to Pattaya Police that he was walking past the Avenue Shopping Complex on Pattaya Second Road […]