Month: September 2014

Scars That Heal With Tattoos

Scars That Heal With Tattoos Many people frown upon tattoos as fads which impulsive and immature individuals pursue to show others how cool they are. But behind every tattoo is a different story. Fon slashed and stabbed her thigh when she was suffering from depression. She later decided to cover up the scars with a […]


From Back To Hip

This tattoo is “huge” in the sense that it’s rather extensive, but the design is pretty simple and probably won’t hold a candle to Nylon’s tattoo. Unlike the Thai girl, Nylon is an intelligent and artistic woman with a story behind her tattoos. Come read all about it in our book, Leaving The Pain Behind. […]


This Is Thailand

Post by mrbrown. Many foreigners, especially Britons were offended by General Prayuth’s candid and somewhat “insensitive” statements made in the wake of a double murder of a British couple at Koh Tao in Southern Thailand. Well, what General Prayuth said may actually sound funny to many Thais. This incident illustrates two things about Thai psyche. […]


Windless Night

They’re like fallen leaves Wrinkled and brittle Ironed out By the weight of the past. Do be careful When you turn the pages Of my life That now longs to be rewritten. Lifeless Is this windless night The weary souls Struggling against the web Of city life Are now cocooned in bed Their dreams unread […]


Joan Rivers

I almost laughed when someone wrote RIP – Rest In Plastic when Joan Rivers finally kicked the bucket at the ripe old age of 81. And frankly, I’ve not known much about Joan Rivers beyond her hideous “plastic” face. Well, she was obviously a very self-conscious person terrified by aging. If she believes in rebirth, […]


Beware Of Caring Women?

One group of men doodled a lot of nonsense after being left alone in an uninspiring room. Another group of men “inspired” by an attractive lady while waiting to show off their doodling skills performed a lot better. Any logical person can tell you that the experiment is flawed. Did the researcher make sure that […]